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My Works

Unwarranted Intrusions

Politicians invariably cite lofty purposes to justify government intervention in the marketplace. On closer examination, the intercessions usually turn out to be clever schemes for buying support from special interests with taxpayers' money. The already advantaged turn out to be the biggest beneficiaries, while the resulting misallocation of resources afflicts society at large.

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Financial Statement Analysis, 5th Edition

The goal of financial statement analysis is to shed light on the true financial condition of a company so realistic valuations can be determined for investment, lending, or merger and acquisition purposes.

"I love this book. It helps to develop the questioning mind--the mind of a financial detective. It teaches the art of skepticism and critical thinking. Readers go beyond definition and calculation and learn interpretation."--Philip L. Cooley, Ph.D., Prassel Distinguished Professor of Business, Trinity University

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How to Be a Billionaire

This book extracts from the careers of billionaires from John D. Rockefeller to Bill Gates the tactics that differentiated them from other business leaders who did not wind up maximizing their personal net worth.

"'How to Be a Billionaire'" offers fascinating insight into the subject of building wealth. As a result of his exhaustive rsearch, Martin Fridson is able to explain the wealth-creation process from a unique perspective."--Ross Perot

It Was a Very Good Year

The New York Times Book Review, Floyd Norris:
There are times when the stock market moves up in almost a straight line, when prices rise rapidly and everyone who owns stocks makes money. But can you figure out when those times will be, so as to be ready to get rich quick? That is the question Martin S. Fridson ... one of Wall Street's most thoughtful and perceptive analysts, asked when he began It Was A Very Good Year...

Investment Illusions

Useful financial advice is offered in this entertaining, readable and well-informed book. Martin S. Fridson is a managing director at Merrill Lynch & Co. and author of Financial Statement Analysis. Investment Illusions is a practical and engaging "how not to" guide which uncovers minefields in some of the most important investment fundamentals