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How to Be a Billionaire

Assembled here are the stories of people who have excelled at a specific human endeavor: making lots of money. Those with a net worth of one million dollars puts a person in the 99.5th percentile in the U.S. This book is about people who are worth 1,000 to 40,000 times that amount. The research draws heavily on biographies and journalistic profiles to document and analyze the ingenuity, the drive, and the ruthlessness that underlie the great fortunes.




"As an exposition of the winning ways of wealth accumulation, this book (understated title or not)is far superior to the average self-help method."--Tim Wallace, FINANCIAL REVIEW


"Illuminates the path to great riches with suprising insights about the value of hard work, learning from your mistakes, and breaking rules."--Adam Bryant, NEWSWEEK


"A textbook for the really ambitious."--Luke Johnson, THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH


"No matter what your preferred route to riches is--and Fridson provides many to choose from--by reading his book you're bound to come away with a tip or two."--Carol Farash, CONTINENTAL


"Fascinating profiles of the richest of America's rich."--THE GLOBE AND MAIL


"A Merrill Lynch money whiz examines careers of the self-made rich for strategies you can take to the bank."--Robert Barker, BUSINESWEEK ONLINE


"Okay, I know that the title is a little exclusionary, but really, there IS great value in its content. I really got it!"--MARKVICTORHANSEN.COM


"The aspects he reports on were used to achieve great wealth, but like all self-help hints, they can also be used to achieve not just money, but happiness, comfort, and peace."--Michael Abruzzese, HR-TODAY.COM


"Martin S. Fridson has written a fascinating, readable and often humorous book detailing the path to superwealth status."--Jeanine C. Heller, INVESTOR RELATIONS QUARTERLY


"If you like to read about the super-rich and how they made it, this is an entertaining book."--Bruce M. Kamich, NYSSA NEWS