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Financial Statement Analysis

This important process has become increasingly complex over the years as corporate financial statements have become more difficult to decipher. But with Financial Statement Analysis, Fourth Edition, you'll learn how to handle the practical challenges that are part of this business. In Financial Statement Analysis, Fifrth Edition, leading investment authority Martin Fridson returns with NYU Professor Fernando Alvarez to provide the analytical framework you need to scrutinize financial statements, whether you're evaluating a company's stock price or determining valuations for a merger or acquisition. This fully revised and up-to-date Fifrth Edition offers detailed, fresh information that will allow you to evaluate financial statements in today's volatile markets and uncertain economy. Filled with real-life examples and expert advice, this comprehensive guide will motivate you to undertake genuine, goal-oriented analysis instead of simply going through the motions of calculating standard financial statement analysis. Pick up Financial Statement Analysis, Fifrth Edition and you will acquire all the insight and professional know-how you need to find the facts behind the fiction of most corporate financial statements.