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It Was a Very Good Year

In "It Was a Very Good Year," leading investment authority Martin S. Fridson probes the reasons behind the stock market's spectacular performance during each of the twentieth century's ten best years. It's a fast-paced, eye-opening investigation of the past that teaches some surprising lessons for spotting golden opportunities in the future. Illuminating, timely, and remarkably astute, "It Was a Very Good Year" is financial history at its most fascinating and entertaining.




"With this book, Marty Fridson joins the ranks of the must-read economic and financial historians. He is that rare combination of scholar, wit, raconteur and man with an eye on the bottom line. Read it for amusement, education, or profit. You can't lose."--Ben Stein, Writer, law professor at Pepperdine University, host of "Win Ben Stein's Money"


"This is a very timely, informative, and highly readable book. Because we are in the midst of a great bull market, "It was a Very Good Year" offers wonderful insights into the years that provided spectacular gains in the past. There are important lessons in this book for all investors."--Henry Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman & Company, Inc.




"Fridson does a wonderful job describing the 10 best years in the market, starting with 1908 (+45.8%) and ending with 1996 (+36.9%). Those who love history will find plenty of savory tidbits."--USA Today (December 21, 1998)


"Here is a solid book, well worth the reader's time. Beneath its historical trappings lies the basic premise that all extraordinary markets are predictable --that if you look carefully, you'll see that it has all happened before....For students of the stock market, or for those who simply want to learn a little more about the fat years in the market's history, this book is a fine start."--On Wall Street (July 1998)


"Fridson does a splendid job articulating the factors behind these spectacular stock market years...[A]ny investor will benefit in a host of ways from the historical perspective this illuminating book provides." Neal Lipschutz, Barron's (April 20, 1998)

"A well written, if breezy, survey of all the years in U.S. stock market history when the market rocketed upward. Considers possible explanations for market buoyancy. An excellent book for pairing with the downbeat book by James Grant, 'The Trouble with Prosperity.'"--Robert F. Bruner, "Recommended Readings for M&A Practitioners and Scholars," at http://faculty.darden.virginia.edu/brunerb/m&a_resources_resources_readings.htm